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Taking Advantage of the Durango Summer
There’s nothing quite like the summertime here in Durango. We who are lucky enough to make our luxury homes in this part of Southwest Colorado never take the warmer months for granted. With so many incredible activities and spaces to enjoy, it’s only natural for the longer days and higher temperatures to draw us out into the glorious outdoor spaces that surround our Colorado homes.

So how do we go stomping into the summer months in Durango’s beautiful nature? Let us count the ways. Lakes are just about everywhere, allowing for every kind of aqueous adventure one might desire. Hikers have no end of delights, from mountain-climbing opportunities to gentle jaunts through a peerless countryside. Wildlife watchers will have no end of critters to commune with as they come alive in the plains and hills.

But it’s not just all about what the natural setting has to offer here in Durango. There is a rich tradition of cool cultural happenings that crop up in the summertime. Music fills the air, and festivals fill the calendars. And we are here to tell you about a few of those awesome things! Here’s what a Durango summer can look like for you.

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Getting Your Feet Wet
We will start off with the many waterways in the Durango area. The lakes here are stunning and loaded with cool stuff to do. Start out at the Vallecito Reservoir and get into the incredible canoeing and paddleboarding opportunities.

Enjoy the views of mountains and pines while you cast rod and reel for a bit of fishing fun.

If you want to get even deeper into fishing, head on over to Haviland Lake. This body of water is so stuffed with rainbow and brown trout you can net more than your fill. Over at Lake Nighthorse, enjoy a little sailing or kayaking, whether you’re a seasoned boater or just a beginner looking for a great place to take lessons.

Let Your Boots Do the Talking
If you’re into taking nice, long hikes through absolutely beautiful landscapes, the Durango area delivers in a big way. There are literally dozens of trails to choose from regardless of how hard or how easy you want your jaunts to be. Feel like making it a casual outing? Start over at the Falls Creek Trail, not far from downtown.

Maybe you want something a little more challenging? Perins Peak will gain you some elevation for fantastic views and bouldering opportunities. Those who really want to push their limits can go for the Goulding Creek Trail. For your trouble, you will be treated to waterfalls, meadows, and even a horse corral. There’s plenty more to explore, so ask around for more great hikes to try.

Sun Times, Fun Times
As we said, it’s not just all about the great outdoors here in Durango. Many awesome activities gear up once the snow melts and the warm weather inspires folks to get into the swing of things. If you love chilling to some tunes, then the Music in the Mountains festival is just the ticket, pouring classical music into the La Plata range.

Are you more of a beer lover? Then just wait until the San Juan Brewfest bubbles up in August. Here you will be able to go from IPA to Pilsner and back again. Epicureans will love frequenting the fresh produce at the local farmers’ market. And there’s so much more. Culture comes alive in Durango during the summer — and so will you!

Sun Times, Fun Times