Under the Colorado Sky
Outdoor Living in Durango
You may have noticed by now that there’s something very special outside of your new Durango home. What many people might call “nature,” as if it were remote from where they live, is something that greets you each and every morning. From the stunning San Juan Mountains range dominating the scenery to the whiff of pine ever-present in the air, you’re always communing with the larger world that breathes life into local life in a way city dwellers will never know.

When setting up your Durango home, it’s important to keep this wonderful fact in mind. Yes, it’s exciting to make the interior of your house to your liking. Whether you’re getting the living room all feng shui or putting the finishing touches on paint in the bathroom, it’s only natural to want to love the insides — but don’t forget the outsides! Trust us; you will be spending a heck of a lot of time out in the yard!

Here in Durango, you almost have to treat your patio space like another room to design. From the practicalities of places to sit to the application of style, you will want to make it as pleasant a surrounding as the bedroom. If you haven’t spent a whole lot of time thinking about making the most of your outdoor setup in your new home, that’s OK. We’ve got some great ideas here to get you started!

outdoor patio set in the woods
Getting Comfortable
First and foremost, you want to be able to enjoy your outdoor Durango space in comfort. You already have plenty to see from the deck, be it the looming peaks or the wild critters who visit, scurrying in and out of the surrounding woods. Instead of TV, it’s nature providing the show — but you still need a couch to sit on to watch it all! Treat your outdoor furniture scheme pretty much the way you would treat it indoors, and you’ll be off to a great start.

First, you need a chill-out zone. That means the couch, comfy chairs, and end tables. Since you’ll likely have a barbeque and bar out there, situate a good table where you can share a meal and drinks with your family and guests. Lounge chairs invite relaxation and can embrace us for a snooze. And just like that, you’ve got a living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom right outside! Space these zones out so you can have different spots for different functions. Choose neutral colors so you can seasonally accessorize. It’s all about exterior decoration!

Décor and More
Beyond the purely utilitarian aspects of setting up your Durango home’s outdoor space, you want the place to look nice. While you can’t expose vulnerable décor like plush pillows and paintings to the Colorado skies, you can still put your own accents on your beautification scheme. Potted plants and trees can be strategically placed to enhance and augment the natural setting. Garden statues do the work of art pieces, adding fun and life to the scene. Lights can make evening gatherings special — from colorful strings to ambient lamps and even candle arrays. This is your chance to truly make your outdoor space an expression of who you are, so get creative!
Making a Splash
Rounding out your Durango home’s outdoor space might mean getting your feet wet. Pools are very popular here, and if you have the room, we do recommend installing one. But just about everybody can easily add a hot tub to their outdoor space. These are especially awesome to steam up a chilly mountain night. But water-based additions to the patio can also be decorative. Consider adding a bubbling fountain or even a lively coy pond. With just a little effort, you can make your own slice of Durango’s outdoors, a very special place indeed.
patio lawn chairs on porch
two patio chairs facing a view
patio table and chairs set on porch with shade covering
patio set with fire pit