We Love Giving Back
Being together is a powerful thing. Together we create, learn, connect, and grow. Our team of expert real estate brokers and staff at Legacy Properties West Sotheby’s International Realty look forward to helping even more people live the Durango Way of life, together.
It’s easy to take all the beautiful things the Durango area has to offer for granted. The majestic San Juan Mountains have been there since before people were anywhere nearby. Fresh air and water have flowed into the area for eons. And the sun isn’t going to stop shining anytime soon! Looming pine trees, meandering trails, and so much more feels like it’s always been there and always will be. But Durango isn’t just about the natural splendor. People are the secret ingredient in this corner of Colorado. Everybody in the community offers something to the incredibly warm and laid-back culture that we enjoy so much here. Business owners make sure cool food spots and funky clothiers keep folks supplied. Artists ensure there are plenty of soul-feeding works always up to be enjoyed by audiences. Doctors, law enforcement, municipal workers — we all come together to preserve this special spot.

Legacy Properties West Sotheby’s understands the importance of the community we serve and are proud to participate in seasonal events and business initiatives that benefit the good people of Durango. By getting involved, we can ensure the local culture continues to thrive and even give our clients a way to network with their new neighbors. Whether it’s all about enjoying some food and drink or just getting into the holiday spirit, we make sure it’s fun — and that the funds raised will help those in need. Here are a few Durango events in which Legacy Properties West Sotheby’s participates to help give back to the community.

Durango Autumn Arts Festival
There’s nothing quite as uplifting for the human spirit as art. Creative works capture thoughts, ideas, and emotions and help us feel more comfortable in the world. Beauty, truth, and fantastic visions can move us in ways hard to describe yet utterly satisfying. That’s why Legacy Properties West Sotheby’s partners with the Durango Arts Center to sponsor the annual Durango Autumn Arts Festival.

This event gives local Southwest Colorado creators the opportunity to show off their stuff on the area’s biggest platform. Sculptures, paintings, and multimedia installations dazzle and inspire awe. Fresh creative expression explodes on the streets, nourishing the spirit. Stores and eateries in the historic downtown district become a virtual gallery space that all can enjoy. And while you’re here, you can even purchase some pieces, supporting our local artists while getting to take their incredible work home.

Festival of Trees
Remember those pine trees we were talking about? With the coming of each winter, many of those are destined to become Christmas trees. You know the drill: Slap them on those stands, string up the lights, and let the festivities begin! And we here at Legacy Properties West Sotheby’s usher in that wonderful season with an awesome holiday event. Durango’s Festival of Trees celebrates our arboreal friends living alongside us. A friendly contest is held where people creatively decorate trees and craft wreathes as folks vote for the best ones. Expect the unexpected as creativity is unleashed through the lens of classic holiday vibes!

Displays line the streets to get into the swing of things. Everywhere participants turn, it’s like they’re up in Santa Claus’s workshop at the North Pole! Forget the traditional tree trimmings you’ve been doing: This is a chance to level up on seasonal decorations with unique artisanal creations. Legacy Properties West Sotheby’s partners proudly partner for this event with Community Connections, an organization that helps Southwest Colorado community members with disabilities. Proceeds raised from the event go to help their worthy cause.

Durango Wine Experience
Another event that Legacy Properties West Sotheby’s partners with Community Connections in Durango has a somewhat different flavor to it. Shifting focus from holiday spirit, we move on to a little springtime cheer. The annual Durango Wine Experience is a chance for those who love a touch of the grape to come out and have their discerning palates satisfied. And you can be sure there is a lot of satisfaction to be had!

For three days at the tail end of April, oenophiles gather for seminars, wine dinners, and, of course, wine tastings. Hundreds of wineries representing regions from around the world sit side by side with local Colorado breweries and distillers. Downtown becomes an epicurean delight as restaurants pair their best victuals with the vineyard offerings. And again, the proceeds go to Community Connection’s ongoing good works. Giving back to the community has never felt so warm and fuzzy!

people smiling at the Durango Wine Experience
people with cups of wine at the Durango Wine Experience
people smiling at the Durango Autumn Arts Festival
people drinking wine at the Durango Autumn Arts Festival
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