Kitchens are often said to be the heart of the home, but we can argue that it’s a fireplace in Colorado. A focal point to a space and a great area to gather during the colder months, fireplaces enhance your home’s ambiance and add value.
living room with stone brick fireplace
living room with tv above fireplace

inter weather is approaching, and there’s just something so cozy about sitting near a warm fire, chatting with family and friends, or snuggling up with your favorite book in hand. There are many fireplace options you could incorporate into your home or outdoor space, but you should consider three main types. Understanding which style is best for you can be overwhelming, so we’ve laid out a quick guide on all the types of fireplaces available so that you can create warmth and magic in your home this winter.

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fireplace by two leather chairs near a staircase
Electric Fireplaces
An electric fireplace is simply an electric heater that mimics a fireplace burning coal or wood. When renovating a home, people often opt to replace their old, conventional fireplace with an electric one because of the various benefits they have to offer. A plugin your wall powers electric fireplaces, so no fumes are being released into your home. Because it is not burning wood to produce heat, it is low maintenance and easy to clean. Using an electric fireplace is extremely simple, and its appearance can be designed in a wide range of unique ways! They are a great, stylish, and safe choice for your home.

Gas Fireplaces
Gas fireplaces look like natural wood fires and act alike, too! They produce a small amount of smoke that requires venting, but the fire is created by gas! A gas-burning fire is more manageable than a wood-burning fire because you can control the amount of gas used to ignite the flame. If you want more heat, all it takes is a simple adjustment. The second you would like to cease the fire, you can turn off the gas, and the fire will quickly dissipate. There are two options within this fireplace category to consider: gas logs or gas inserts.

Gas Log Fireplaces
Gas logs offer all of the ambiance and warmth of a real, wood-burning fire but without the mess! Gas logs are typically made up of ceramic but can be fashioned to look like any wood from oak to driftwood or more. Gas logs are an excellent option for several reasons: They are less effort than wood-burning fires because you won’t have to lug around heavy bundles of wood. There is no dust or soot produced, so it is a much easier clean-up and lower maintenance. No wood needs to be chopped!

Gas Fireplace Inserts
Gas inserts are trendy but often mistaken for a traditional fireplace. Gas inserts are an insert that is installed into an already-existing fireplace. It requires very little, if any, construction because it is made to fit into any opening. Inserts are designed to replace wood fireplaces for a cleaner alternative.

Wood Fireplace
The classic of all fireplaces is the natural wood-burning fireplace. Unfortunately, it is hard to replicate the beautiful ambiance that a wood fire creates. The atmosphere, the warmth, the sound, and the smell are all things that people love about natural wood fires. Although new alternatives have become increasingly popular, wood fireplaces are still a beneficial and one-of-a-kind choice to have in a home. The cost is unbeatable, as you only have to pay for the logs when you want to use them. Or you can buy chopped fireplace wood in bulk and store it in the garage for a stable supply. You also do not need to depend on electricity for its use. Instead, use a wood fireplace when the power goes out for lighting, to keep warm, and maybe even cooking!